Thursday, January 9, 2014

Help us make "Everyday Awesome!"

We need your help with this project!
Have you ever wanted to be apart of something big?
Well this isn't it but it will be so very fun!
Have you ever seen those "People Are Awesome" videos? Well, I thought it would be hilarious if someone used those same elements such as camera angles, dubstep, and slow mo to make everyday tasks seem awesome! So here I am doing that very thing.
This is what I will need from you!
1. Make a video of your self doing everyday mundane tasks.
2. Move your camera to give me exciting camera angles.
3. Keep your videos with-in 1:20 in length.
4. Why did my font change in the middle of me typing.
5. Send the videos to
6. Please be tasteful and respectable! The audio will be cut from these videos so no need to talk much unless I find it useful
Please everyone send me your videos! I will edit and post them to our YouTube page!
If you have the capability to edit and follow the same style I am going for feel free to save me a step!
The examples of what I am doing are below.
Thank you,
Jake Mumma
Creator and Voice of
Nothing Presents...

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